Demolition Permit

A demolition permit is formal permission from the municipality to commence demolition of a building or part thereof. Demolition permits are necessary to ensure that structural safety standards, fire safety and other building standards are met and that the building service utilities have been disconnected from the building in accordance to the building service providers' requirements. It is the building and or property owner's responsibility to ensure that a demolition permit is obtained when required.

Demolition permits are required to demolish a building or part thereof greater than ten square meters (108 sq.ft.). Completed Demolition Permit application forms should be submitted to Building Services, a section of the Environmental Services Department. Should you have enquiries regarding a a demolition permit please call Building Services at (519) 631-1680 ext. 4160.

Demolition permit fees are based on the area of the building to be demolished:

under 300 sq.ft. = $20.00

300 sq.ft. to 1500 sq.ft . = $50.00

over 1500 sq.ft. = $100.00

Permit fees are subject to change without notice.