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Commonly Requested Documents


Original copies of all by-laws are stored in the Clerk's office. Copies of frequently used by-laws are available online.

By-law enforcement inquiries relating to: Animal Control 71-2011, Tidy Lot 6-94, and Parking 45-89 can be made to (519) 631-1680 ext. 4100.


The Clerk's Department provides services of a Commissioner of Oaths at a cost of $20.00 per document plus applicable taxes.

Persons swearing or affirming to a document must appear before the Commissioner of Oaths, provide photo identification to the satisfaction of the Commissioner, and sign in the presence of the Commissioner.

The documents must be completed before attending before the Commissioner, with the exception of the signature.

The Clerk's Department does not prepare affidavits or provide legal advice.

Customer Service

The City Clerk's Department oversees the Corporate Customer Service Division, which includes the operation of the City's multi-line switchboard phone service.

Customer Service provides information on a variety of topics and responds to many inquiries, recording requests for services where required. Topics include, but are not limited to: road and sidewalk issues such as potholes, streetlight maintenance, waste management, Tidy Lot issues, and City trees.

Customer Service also looks after the sale of numerous goods and services, including marriage licences, commissioning services, recycling bins, daily parking passes, various books and dog and cat tags.

Customer Service can be reached via phone at 519-631-1680, press "0", by e-mail at or in person on the first floor of City Hall, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Committee of Adjustment

Committee of Adjustment Notices

The Committee of Adjustment has been delegated City Council's authority to grant consents to sever, or subdivide, property in accordance with the Province of Ontario's Planning Act Legislation. In addition, the Committee is empowered to grant minor variances from the requirements of the City's Zoning By-law 50-88.

Application forms for the consent and minor variance processes are available from the Clerk's Department or can be downloaded from the following links.  Please note that in accordance with By-Law 30-2015, consultation with the Planning Department must take place prior to the submission of an application.

Consent Application Form                     Minor Variance Application Form              2018 Meeting Schedule

Completed applications, after consultation with the Planning Department, should be submitted to:

Clerk's Department
545 Talbot Street
P.O. Box 520
St. Thomas, Ontario, N5P 3V7

For further information, please contact Clerk's Office at 631-1680 extension 4125.

The application fee for a Minor Variance is $400.00; the application fee for a Consent to Sever is $450.00; and the fee for deed stamping for a Consent is $200.00.

Heritage Properties

Community Improvement Program

The City of St. Thomas, through its Community Improvement Program (CIP) provides financial incentive programs to property owners to improve, revitalize, and rehabilitate their properties. Eligible properties must be located within the Downtown area, Old St. Thomas and the CASO Railway lands.

Please refer to the complete application package for details about the eight financial incentive programs.

Please note that all CIP financial programs are subject to the availability of funds within the City’s CIP budget and projects are processed on a first come, first served basis.

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